Visit Mexico – Don’t Miss Cancun! It seems like everyone wants to try Mexico at some point or another. Whether it’s when you’re a senior in high school, on the college spring break, or finally getting around to that second honeymoon, Mexico can sound rather appealing. What is it about this Latino country that draws […]

Great Toronto Dinner Cruises for Two? I used to spend a lot of time, money, and effort to get away from it all. I felt that the only way to cut loose and relax was to take two or three weeks away from society. I would go off into the woods to “rough it,”  or […]

Looking for St Simons Island? There is a group of barrier islands off the coast of Georgia in the United States that has attracted visitors for many years. The Golden Isles, as they are known, are treasured for their unspoilt natural beauty, historic charm and wildlife. St Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island and Brunswick […]

Why Not a Nice San Francisco Vacation? One of the most interesting cities in the United States, for its history, culture and entertainment, is San Francisco. There are many reasons to visit there and potential tourists have probably been inspired by countless images of the city on television and in movies. A San Francisco vacation […]

Surprise Me With Las Vegas Vacations Most people do not have a very savory, family-friendly image of Las Vegas vacations. Although millions and millions of Americans are drawn to Las Vegas each year, few of them have a very good impression of it. It is kind of ironic. Las Vegas is seen as one of […]

Iceland Vacation are just great! Come to think of it, not everyone like to spend two weeks vacation on a hot beach with a book in one hand and a margarita in the other. Nowadays with the many vacation destinations available you can explore new avenues and try new things.

Have you tried a Fiji Vacation yet? Some tropical islands sound too good to be true and Fiji, which is actually made up of over 300 islands, falls into that category. Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, the islands offer a haven, away from the bustling world outside. A Fiji vacation can be used to […]

Useful Tips about Cape Cod Vacation I don’t know but it seems to me that a lot more people travel around America than years ago. Especially summer of course. Every summer, crowds of American tourists descend on the Massachusetts resort of Cape Cod. The peninsula has an abundance of great beaches and the temperate climate […]

Discover Banff Springs Hotel A long time ago I had the chance to stay at Banff Springs Hotel. Nestled in the Canadian Rockies is a very nice hotel that people from all over the world flock to. It is the ideal place for celebrating a wedding and ideal for a couple looking for some special […]

Bahamas Vacation – great way to spend two weeks in the sun! Everyone has their image of paradise, usually involving sun, sea and sand. A lot of people are spending their vacations in Bahamas year after year. There must be a reason. I have a few friends, even if they travelled the world, they do plan every […]


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