A good place to rest. São Miguel is the largest and most populated of the Azores Islands; 60% of the archipelago’s residents in fact live on São Miguel. The island is part of the eastern group of the Azores archipelago. Nicknamed “the Green Island”, much of São Miguel is a land of green grazing plains, […]

Monte brasil Azores Terceira The Azores or Açores are an archipelago of nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The entire archipelago is considered an autonomous region of Portugal and is divided into three groups of islands: the eastern group comprised of São Miguel and Santa Maria, the central group comprised of Terceira, […]

2010-07-19 Graciosa Island is the northernmost island of the Azores, part of the central group of the archipelago. It is known as “White Island” and has less than 5,000 residents. Graciosa in its entirety is a large stratovolcano with its southeastern region dominated by a mile wide caldera. The landscape of Graciosa enchants visitors with […]

Sao Lourenco Bay Santa Maria is the southeastern most island of the Azores. The island is divided into two regions: a flat dry western region where you’ll find the capital Vila do Porto and other parishes like São Pedro and Almagreira and a hilly, vegetative, eastern region that rises as high as 600 meters above […]

CaldeirГЈo do Corvo Corvo is the smallest and northernmost island of the Azores and is part of the archipelago’s western group. Like its neighbor Flores, Corvo actually lies on the North American continental plate. Less than 500 people live in Corvo’s 6.75 square miles of area, making it the smallest island physically and population-wise in […]

Monte brasil Azores Terceira Terceira Island is one of the islands in the Azores, its second most populated after São Miguel. It is part of the central group of islands in the Azores archipelago. Terceira has a rich landscape characterized by green pastures, forests with luxuriant vegetation, scenic lakes, panoramic ridges, coastal cliffs, volcanic craters, […]

2010-07-20 São Jorge is a volcanic island in the Azores, shaped like an oblong blade and part of the central group of islands in the archipelago. São Jorge has been described as an island that is like a ship anchored to the ocean, perhaps a commentary on the myriad attractions the island offers. At least […]

Traditional bandstand Faial Island is an island east of Pico and part of the central group of islands in the Azores. Faial is nicknamed the “Blue Island” due to the large number of hydrangeas that bloom in the summer months. But the island is much more than just flowers. Faial happens to be dominated by […]

Pico Pico Island is the second largest island in the Azores and is known as the “Mountain Island” for having the highest elevated mountains in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Pico Island is part of the central group of islands in the archipelago. Many consider Pico one of the most beautiful and underrated of the Azores islands. […]


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