Willemstad Curacao Neth. Ant. Curacao while currently part of the Netherlands Antilles is set to become an independent country in 2008. It is the largest island in the Netherlands Antilles and is known more for its shopping and cultural-historic appeal than its beach resorts. While rocky coves, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, dramatic cliffs, and […]

Willemstad Curacao Neth. Ant. The Netherlands Antilles currently consist of five main islands. Two of them, Curaçao and Bonaire, are off the coast of Venezuela and the three others, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, are located southeast of the British Virgin Islands. Curaçao and Bonaire are considered part of the Leeward Islands whereas Sint […]

The Bottom Saba is a tiny island about five square miles that sits on top of a volcano. The island is characterized by sharp peaks and relatively little space. The only flat part of Saba, in fact, is the landing runway for the airport. Flying into Saba can be a thrilling (or frightening) ordeal. Saba, […]

St. Eustatius, which is commonly referred to as “Statia”, was once an isolated island few people knew about. Unfortunately for purists, Statia is becoming increasingly popular as a destination, especially for its archaeological artifacts and pre-Colombian sites, which attract numerous students every year. St. Eustatius has also become a popular port of call for cruise […]

Sint Maarten is the Dutch, southern half of the island of Saint Martin. While Sint Maarten is part of the Netherlands Antilles, it is set to become an independent country in 2008. The border between Sint Maarten and Saint Martin is unguarded. However, Sint Maarten is very different from the French side, and is known […]

Freewinds Bonaire is a sleepy island that has largely avoided commercialization. People come to the “nature park island” to scuba dive and bird-watch. Bonaire is easily one of the more sparsely populated of the Caribbean isles, with only 14,000 inhabitants living in 110 square miles of land. It actually consists of two islands: Bonaire and […]


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