When it’s time for a well-deserved vacation, Belfast is a great place to spend that precious time. There are plenty of offerings within the city to cater to any interest. Whether you want a relaxing and refreshing vacation, or an eventful one, you will find great options in this Northern Ireland capital. Prepare ahead to avoid overwhelming yourself with all the fantastic spots and tourist destinations around the city. It’s a great venue to spend a vacation with a loved one or with a group. Now, get ready for a fun-filled experience with careful planning.

Booking a travel to Belfast has never been so easy. Set your schedule and book online at various booking sites. Read reviews first and gather some ideas on the best times to visit the city. You will also find suggestions from other tourists for the best places to go at the time of your visit, such as during the summer or spring.

Plan your itinerary by researching online about the various attractions around the city. If you want a truly unique experience, you will find a selection of places to go and things to do that are unique to this side of Northern Ireland.

For a hassle-free vacation, you will find plenty of tours and packages to choose from depending on what you have in mind. Black taxi tours, walking tours, Titanic tours, shopping tours, sight-seeing tours and many other options can be booked in advance online. Some of the tour packages also include hotel accommodations in strategic locations for maximum convenience.

At least a day before your trip, prepare the things that you will bring. Travel light, if possible, as you will find a handful of souvenir and gift shops around the city. Alternatively, shops in Victoria Square are also a great place to shop for stuff you like. If you are more of a bargain shopper, you will find St. George’s market an interesting place to find art, crafts, food and stuff.

Belfast Castle

As you plan the things to pack, keep in mind the types of places you want to check out in Belfast as well as the weather. Pack clothes that are appropriate for the venue, such as when you visit the City Hall and the Belfast Castle, or when you go to one of several Titanic Boat Tours. Lastly, always keep your camera ready and never miss a scene in the beautiful Irish capital.