endlich himmelblau Berlin is the capital and metropolis of modern Germany with a population of approximately 4.2 million. In Berlin, you’ll find grand public buildings, chic restaurants, vibrant cafes and pubs, lively dance and nightclubs, numerous museums and theatres, historic palaces and sites of interest, and many shopping centers and boutique stores shelved with the […]

Light, colors and glass Konstanz is a university town situated on the Rhine River and at the western end of Lake Constance, which is not too far from the Swiss border or the Swiss Alps. The city of Konstanz was the site of the Church Council from 1414-1418, a period during which religious reformer Jan […]

Neuschwanstein’s castle by ingirogiro For tourists, Germany has a little bit of everything – picture elegant major cities, old historic towns, medieval houses and castles, gothic churches and cathedrals, beer gardens and cafes, fine wine, outdoor events, and beer and harvest festivals in quaint villages. As the largest country in central Europe, Germany is home […]

Surfing in the middle of Munich Munich is Germany’s second most popular destination after Berlin. It is the capital of Bavaria with a population of 1.5 million and a history spanning more than 800 years. Munich is characterized by folk traditions, lederhosen, a vibrant arts scene, fairy-tale Gothic architecture, beer gardens, and the world-famous Oktoberfest. […]

Pair of real vintage beauties Heidelberg is a city in the German state of Baden-Württemberg with charms that last year-round, boasting medieval castles and old-fashioned pubs and inns. This city is constantly being soaked in by American and Japanese tourists.[1] Good thing, because it depends on a never-ending stream of tourists as a source of […]

effi@rT .:. atardecer – sunset .:. wallpaper Tübingen is a city in the German State of Baden-Württemberg that sits between the Ammer and Neckar rivers. The city’s academic reputation is owed to the Swabian intellectual elite, whose collective brilliance have earned the university town a name all across the world.[1] Tübingen College was founded by […]

Laufenburg Laufenburg is an idyllic small town along the upper reaches of the Rhine River in the German State of Baden-Württemberg. It is named Laufenberg because of the “Lauffen” river rapids that once rushed passed the town. While the river rapids are gone, the town is still picture-perfect, decorated charmingly with rows of handsome houses. […]


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