Ponnampet is a rural area surrounded by agricultural land making located on the South Western tip of India. In the past, some foreigners have come here to help support the community by contributing their medical and outside knowledge to help improve the place.

Raj Ghat, Delhi – India Kudachi or Kudchi is a small town on the bank of river krishna. It is 105 kms from Belgaum, a district in karntaka state of India. This town is well connected by rail and road. One can reach Kudachi from anywhere in India by rail. It is on the way […]

Vaparala (or Veparala) is one of the major panchayat (group of villages) in the town or mandal of Mylavaram, which is itself a part of the geographic region of Rayalaseema in the Kadapa (or Cuddapah) district of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Most of the people in Vaparala are Telugu ethnic people and […]

Redhakhol is a town in the district Sambalpur, state Orissa.

Dr. BC Roy Mandarbani is a small city with approximately 7000 inhabitants with a 60/40 male to female ratio located north east area of India. The town's primary source of commerce is in coal mining as a result, much of the heavily forrested areas have been cleared for further mining.

Kurwai (Korwai) is a small town and a nagar panchayat in the Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh with a population of about 14,000. Kurwai used to be a Muslim princely state of British India, but is now just a town in sovereign India. HistoryKurwai as a former state was founded in 1730 by Mohammed Dalair […]

Ambagarh Chowki is a very beautiful place to visit.

Light India is a land of mystique where shades of timelessness permeate everywhere. This is evident in the bullock carts that meander slowly down the paved highways, almost oblivious to the air-conditioned buses and monstrous trucks that surge past; experienced in the cave shrines of Ellora and Ajanta where prehistoric religious art instill an eerie […]

Ramanatukara is the gate way to Calicut city. Ramanattukara is close to the Calicut Airport(6 Km).Now this town is soon developing in to a main commercial centre in Calicut. It is from this place new By-pass road starts and ends at Northern part of calicut city. Two NH roads bisects through this place.


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