Edward Olive wedding photographer Barcelona is Spain’s most popular tourist destination. The city has much to offer – fine beaches, green parks, chic cafés, trendy shopping, street performances along the renowned Les Ramblas Boulevard, gothic palaces, and displays of Antoni Gaudí architecture. The best time to visit Barcelona is in the spring when the temperature […]

El Alma del Ebro More than 50 million foreigners visit Spain each year to experience its Mediterranean beaches, beautiful scenery and landscapes, charming elegant towns, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, crumbling castles and palaces, raucous bullfights, delicious sangrias and paellas, colorful fiestas, and thumping discos. Spain is separated from France by the snow-capped Pyrenees, which means […]

Caixa Forum Stairs Madrid is the capital of Spain and is a great center of the arts and entertainment. Much of Madrid’s allure, however, is its old architectural charm and the party lifestyle led by its residents. The nightlife in Madrid is first-rate. There are thousands of restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, discos, and tascas that […]

pulp:glory days If you’re looking for the ideal Spanish city that probably best captures the foreigner's imaginary idea of what Spain is like, then Seville is your answer. Here a perfect fusion has taken place between the setting, the climate, and the events of the past, resulting in a city that is as beautiful as […]


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