Young and hungry Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and most important business centre. Surrounded by wooded hills and situated at the northern tip of Lake Zurich where the Limmat River departs, Zurich is not just the world’s banking center, but a city where visitors can indulge in world-class shopping and embrace the fine arts and […]

Young and hungry Switzerland is one of few countries with four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. It is a small country in central Europe, bordered by Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Liechtenstein and each of the four different language-speaking parts of the country possesses a unique sub-culture. Switzerland is a very popular tourist […]

LHC : CMS waiting for tracker insertion Geneva is an important city of international diplomacy, as it is the European headquarters for the United Nations as well as the headquarters for the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the International Red Cross. Geneva is also likely the most cosmopolitan city in the world – more than […]


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