Jan 1, 2011-18 Hammerfest has the distinction of being the northernmost city in the world.

Spinna II During Norway's early history, Bergen and Trondheim vied with each other for the designation as the nation's capi­tal. Today they rank as Norway's second and third largest cities. The picturesque Bergen is located on the southwest coast, about 190 miles (300 km.) from Olso, on a small fiord surrounded by seven mountains. It […]

Arctic Sunset Norway is primarily a tourist favorite for nature lovers. Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway is home to only 4.5 million people. It is so sparsely populated that miles on end of the country can be explored without ever encountering another soul. This is not altogether a bad thing – much of Norway […]

Dawn Alesund, north of Bergen, is Norway's largest fishing port and calls itself the herring capital of the world.

Hey, it’s just 800 meters down to the fjord A string of charming cities and towns lie along the Norwegian coast. Stavanger, in the southwest, is an important industrial center and has perhaps the most successful blend of old and modern architecture in the whole country.

In memory Among Oslo's attractions are the Vigeland sculptures in Frogner Park, a collection of more than 150 groups of bronze and granite sculp­tures depicting the cycle of human life. This monumental work was commissioned by the city of Oslo from Norway's best-known sculptor, Custav Vigeland. Across the city's harbor is the Bygd0y peninsula, with […]

Tricycle In the Middle Ages Trondheim, farther to the north, was Norway's religious center. The city's skyline is still dominated by the Nidaros Ca­thedral, which is considered the finest Gothic church in Scandinavia. Trondheim is the home of Norway's Institute of Technology and of the University of Trondheim. The country's fourth university is in Tromso, […]


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