Great Toronto Dinner Cruises for Two?

I used to spend a lot of time, money, and effort to get away from it all. I felt that the only way to cut loose and relax was to take two or three weeks away from society. I would go off into the woods to “rough it,”  or I would take long bare boat cruises through rough Atlantic waters. And although I had some great adventures doing this, it was impractical after I got married. My wife wants much more conventional vacations. She loves luxury, ease, good food and good conversation. We had to find a compromise. Toronto dinner cruises are where our tastes could meet.

The great thing about romantic dinner cruises is that they offer something for everyone. I was skeptical when she suggested a Toronto dinner cruise for the first time. It seemed kind of stuffy to me, to be honest. I like gourmet food – who doesn’t – but to be in such a formal environment for hours was not my idea of fun. What I didn’t realize was that they have Toronto dinner cruises for all tastes. Of course you can go on the Torontodinnercruise on a luxurious ship, but they are also offered on sailing ships.

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In the end, that was the only way that she could convince me to go on Toronto dinner cruises. She wanted her luxury and find food, and I wanted my day upon the ocean. The Toronto dinner cruises that we found offered us both what we wished for. It really was a fun time. At first, she worried that she would be seasick, but she had nothing to be concerned about. The boat was big, wide, and stable, and the water was calm. Toronto dinner cruises do not go far out into the open waters. Instead, they stay inside a sheltered harbor for the most part. After all, what’s the point of fine food if you are seasick?

We enjoyed our Toronto boat cruises so much that we have taken to going on dinner cruises when we visit other cities as well. The NYC dinner cruise that we recently went on was out of this world! There is no city on earth where the food is better than in New York. And as much as the Toronto dinner cruises are a welcome respite from the bustle of urban life, the New York cruises are almost a necessity. Even visiting for a week, the vigorous pace of the city gets to you. Getting out into New York Harbor is the perfect cure!