Salzburg Salzburg is the underrated and often overlooked jewel of Europe. Rarely does one hear about Salzburg when their buddies come back from Europe after a backpacking trip. They'll talk about London, Paris, Amsterdam perhaps, Milan, Rome, Barcelona… but there's also Salzburg. The small city of around 150,000 inhabitants boasts quite a history. It is […]

Enns Tower Enns is a small town of 10,000 people and is located in Oberoesterreich (Upper Austria) just a few miles away from the larger city of Linz. Most people who live in Enns commute to Linz to go to work and prefer to live here because it's a quiet little town that gets away […]

On the Danube above the town of Melk Vienna is a city that still longs for its glory days of old when it played front and center as host of the Habsburg court. The remnants of this empire is still imprinted in this city in many ways – the aristocratic mansions and palaces, the wealth […]

Oberoesterreich Austria is often linked to its Alps and ski resorts as well as its history as a cultural center of Europe. For seven centuries, Austria was the focal point of the powerful Habsburg Monarchy who ruled over the Austrian Empire and later the Austria-Hungary Empire. This empire dominated central Europe before WWI brought an […]


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