San Lorenzo was founded in 1811, located in the eastern central region, north of Patillas and Yabucoa; and is best know for producing tobacco and sugar cane. You can purchase fresh, harvested sugar canes at the local corner stores and consume some fresh sweet juices from the canes by biting into them. This is also […]

Central Aguirre, Salinas, Puerto Rico Aguirre bor­ders on Jobos Bay, one of the finest protected shallow water areas on the island, where much of the marine area is protected by law so you won't be able to do much fishing winthin this border, however, fishing is permitted in designated areas. Fish enthusiasts would enjoy observing […]

Amazing View Tropical rainforests, palm trees, paradise beaches, and Spanish style towns, Puerto Rico is a popular vacation destination. This Caribbean island also has old and rich history that draws people deeper into its history and away from the becahes and the bacardi factory. Secluded and windy path leading to a family run coffee plantations […]


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