Nicaragua_Leon Catedral León is Nicaragua’s second largest city, situated in the country’s northwest. Even though it no longer serves as the country’s capital as it did for over 300 years, León remains Nicaragua’s intellectual and industrial center. León has played a crucial role in the country’s history. The city has been home to many important […]

so clichГ© Nicaragua is the largest geographic country in Central America but its least densely populated. This country dominated international headlines in the 1980s, a victim of Cold War politics. After its decade long civil war from 1979 to 1990, Nicaragua has slowly recovered from the shambles it was left in and is fast becoming […]

Matagalpa is one of the larger cities of Nicaragua, the gateway to the country’s lush northern mountains. Matagalpa is situated at just over 3,300 feet and its cool climate deviates from the tropical heat of Nicaragua’s other cities. Matagalpa today is known for serving some of the world’s best coffees and for its reputed hospitality. […]

Paisaje Nica Masaya is known as the “City of Flowers”, situated at the heart of one of Nicaragua’s largest and most productive agricultural regions. Because of its location 10 miles north of Granada and 14 miles south of the country’s capital, Managua, Masaya has been the pit-stop of many tourists visiting Nicaragua’s most popular destination, […]

Ay Nicaragua Nicaraguita Granada is the oldest colonial city in Nicaragua, located just at the northwestern tip of Lake Nicaragua. Granada is one of the most important cities in Central America, full of colonial and architectural heritage. While only the third largest city in Nicaragua, Granada is its tourism capital and has the country’s best […]

sunset over Lake Nicaragua Ometepe Island (Isla de Ometepe) is a large island in the southwest region of Lake Nicaragua. The island is twin-peaked in that it is formed by two volcanoes emerged from the lake: the Volcán Concepción in the northwest region of Ometepe and the Volcán Madera in the island’s southeast. The Volcán […]

Antigua Avenida Roosevelt hacia el lago, Managua. Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, located at the midpoint between the Nicaraguan cities of León and Granada and situated at the southwest tip of Lago de Managua (Lake Managua). The recent past has not been kind to Managua. In 1972, a 7.2 earthquake rocked the city killing […]

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua San Juan del Sur is a small coastal town in southwest Nicaragua, considered the country’s one quintessential beach town. The town is situated on a horseshoe-shaped bay by the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by volcanic hills from above. San Juan del Sur is one of the friendliest towns in Nicaragua and […]

mi_tierra_002 Catarina is a small town about 10 miles southeast of Masaya, Nicaragua. Located near Volcán Masaya National Park, Catarina offers a spectacular lookout point of the crater lake, Laguna de Apoyo (Lake Apoyo), atop a cliff along the lake’s edge. The lake is a favorite swim spot for many tourists and there are a […]


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