Buenaventura 205 Buenaventura is not a very large city, and yet it is the nation's leading port on the Pacific coast. Most of the peo­ple in this part of Colombia are of African descent. Today many of the residents of the area work on the nearby banana planta­tions. Buenaventura exports bananas and coffee from west­ern […]

Fern in the mist The city of Manizales is located in the mountains to the southwest of Medellfn. Long isolated by rugged mountains, Manizales has grown rapid­ly since highways were built to connect it with the outside world. The city is often cloudy and rainy, and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are com­mon nearby. Roughly 30 […]

Noche de luna llena – Full moon night Named for the explorer Christopher Columbus, (but more often associated with drugs than Columbus) Colombia is a large and physically diverse nation. It is the fourth-largest country in South America (after Brazil, Argentina, and Peru), with an area seven times greater than that of New England and […]

Parque Tayrona, Colombia Santa Marta, the smallest and easternmost of Colombia's Caribbean ports, was founded in 1525, making it the nation's oldest city. Bananas are an important export. Many wealthy people from Bogota have built villas in Santa Marta.


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