Discover Banff Springs Hotel

A long time ago I had the chance to stay at Banff Springs Hotel. Nestled in the Canadian Rockies is a very nice hotel that people from all over the world flock to. It is the ideal place for celebrating a wedding and ideal for a couple looking for some special away time. It is the Banff Springs Hotel and whether you love the crisp Canadian air or not, you’ll love spending a weekend lapping up the luxury of this northern treasure.

The hotel itself is to be found in one of Canada’s most magnificent national parks. It’s also near the resort town of Banff, which is a beautiful city by the way. For those of us who reside in Alberta, the Banff Springs Hotel is known as much as a tourist destination as it is a place we like to drive to. It is truly not more than a few hours drive from almost anywhere in Alberta and once you get there you are treated like royalty by the staff.

If you love skiing, you can surely go to a lot of the local ski areas and then spend the evening at the hotel. Banff is home to some of the world’s premier ski runs and once you have used up all your energy on the hills you can enjoy a delectable mid-evening dinner at the hotel.

banff springs hotel

Banff Springs Hotel – Great Vacation Destination

Aesthetically it’s probably one of the most architecturally interesting buildings you will ever look at. There are a lot images on the Web. Photos that showcase the hotel in spring are often sprinkled with the magnificent greenery from the surrounding vegetation. In the cold season you will enjoy the stark white landscape that is always there during those months in the Canadian Rockies.

This is surely one of the most desirable escape places to go for both Americans and tourists from other countries. It’s important that if you choose you want to stay at the Banff Springs Hotel that you reserve early. You can surely make a reservation directly with the hotel, or if you prefer you can use one of the various discount travel Web sites that offer accommodations worldwide.

It’s difficult to say whether one time of year is better for a visit to this part of Canada. During the spring and summer months you can expect to enjoy warm weather with minimal precipitation. Automn is evidently a great season to live at the hotel as you will have the advantage of looking at the leaves in the area, in their fall season splendor. For those who thrive in the cold, a visit to the Banff Springs Hotel in winter period will reveal a snowy wonderland. Nothing is more breathtaking than looking outside of your room at the hotel to look at the snow falling. It really is a winter wonderland like no other.