sleepless apart Italy is perhaps Europe’s most illustrious country with a rich history and culture that is so irresistibly enticing to travelers. Between 40 and 50 million foreigners visit Italy each year. Their numbers have increased so dramatically since World War Two that tourism is now Italy's number one industry. Why do so many come? […]

The gate is closed. The next boat is tomorrow Baveno, northwest of Stresa is a small quiet town near the islands and the site of many villas, among them the Castello Bianca where Queen Victoria spent the spring of 1879.

Positano from the sea Rome is nicknamed the “Eternal City” and the “City of Seven Hills”. It is easily Italy’s most fascinating city because of the millennia of history tied to this ancient place. Rome was once the political and administrative center of the glorious Roman Empire, which governed lands stretching from the Mesopotamia to […]

Stairway to Heaven Begun in 1173, the structure had started to list by the time the third storey was completed. According to some accounts, it was here that Pisa's most famous son, Galileo, disproved Aristotle's theories about the acceleration of falling objects by dropping different-sized balls from the belfry. Believe it or not, the tower's […]

Due volte pendente Pisa, the city of the Leaning Tower, is located northwest of Siena, directly west of Florence. In the 12th Century, when Flor­ence was still caught in the upheaval of the Middle Ages, Pisa was at her apex. Situat­ed on the banks of the Arno just 12 km (7.5 miles) from the Ligurian […]

Milan – Il Duomo – 12-01-2008 – 00h11 Milan is the largest and most important city of Northern Italy and is situated in the Po River Valley. For much of its history, Milan was subject to French and Austrian control until it was conquered in the 19th Century, subsequently becoming a part of Italy. Today, […]

Hand Made Padua is a place of gathering for the faith­ful. Every June, pilgrims come from all over the world to honor St. Anthony of Padua, a 13th Century itinerant preacher whose spell-binding sermons packed the pews in churches throughout Italy. The Basilica di S. Antonio, built over his remains between 1232 and 1307, cele­brates […]

Saint Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy Venice is the most unique destination in the world. The city is the object of various nicknames – “The City of Water”, “The City of Bridges”, “The City of Light”, the “Queen of the Adriatic”, and “A Fairy City of the Heart”. Unlike other cities, cars are banned in Venice […]

Florentine Colours I (FLORENCE/ITALY/BRIDGE/REFLECTION) Florence is probably the most beautiful city in Italy. Widely considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is all about marveling at some of the most magnificent displays of art and architecture ever created. According to the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Italy has 60% of the world’s most important […]


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