Coastline. Tasmania is an Australian island state located south of the mainland. Much of Tasmania is an environmental reserve of national parks and world heritage sites. Its vast stretches of natural wilderness are so unspoiled that its nickname is the “Natural State”. Unfortunately, the history of Tasmania is rather tragic. Tasmanian Aborigines arrived in Tasmania […]

Father and Daughter, Sunset at Centennial Park Sydney Australia Sydney is considered by some to be one of the more beautiful cities in the world and hence its nickname the “Emerald City”. At least this much is certain – it is the pride of Australia and definitely the country’s most vibrant, thriving, and cosmopolitan cities. […]

the milkman’s dilemma Melbourne is neither Australia’s largest city nor political capital, but its claim as the nation’s cultural Mecca is undeniable. The city boasts several art galleries, museums, and festivals, and plays host to major international concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, and theatrical productions. In Australia, Melbourne enjoys the reputation of being at the forefront […]

pacific morning Australia is the largest island in the world and a continent to itself. Before European settlement, it was inhabited by the Aborigines (or Kooris) for some 42,000 years. It was first visited by the Dutch in the 17th century and later colonized by the British in the 18th century. The arrival of the […]


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