Welcome to China in 2008 Qianmen Street runs south direct from Qianmen Gate, the southerly end of Tian­anmen Square. Qianmen Street and the roads going off it are a century old commer­cial quarter; during the imperial period it was the Chinese quarter. A walk around this quarter is also an exploration of the old part […]

Underpass Jianguomen is a major transportational hub in Beijing where you can make changes for different subways. You can experience what's it's like to be packed like a sardine during the rish hours.

Dazhalan Street, which is about only 300 meters long, is one of the biggest shopping streets in Beijing; it has one of the most important silk shops called Ruifengxian, an old shop with a marble gate and an unusual interior as well as a fountain surrounded by balustrades. There is also the best known pharmacist […]


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