Keruak is a village in southeast Lombok not too far from Tanjung Luar, and is known for the quality of the traditional canoes made by local craftsmen. These skilled residents of Keruak congregate just south of the intersection that passes through the town center. You can see them working on the sides of the main […]

Ekas is a village in southeast Lombok on the eastern shore of Awang Bay. The road that passes through the town crosses low-lying coastal hills, which are full of salt ponds. There are also litters of seaweed in the region, which makes for an interesting scenery. If you are interested in visiting Awang or Batu […]

Gunug Rinjani Summit Lombok is an island in Indonesia often described as “an unspoiled Bali”. And the comparisons between Indonesia’s most popular destination and Lombok are well deserved. Lombok has an area of 4,739 square kilometers and a population of 2.3 million, stats similar to Bali. There is also cultural link between the two islands. […]

Anyer is an Indonesian village on the island of Lombok.[1] It is located in the north section of the island about 28 miles away from Tanjung. It is the head of the Bayan sub-district. The highlight of Anyer is its big Sunday market and the roads around the village. Several operations run along the road […]

Tanjung is a small village in the northwest region of the Indonesian island of Lombok. The highlight of this otherwise off-the-map village is its big Sunday market and the black, volcanic, and sandy beaches around it.

Lenek village is located north of Selong in eastern Lombok, and is known for its renowned music and dance performances presented by their ensembles at village events.[1] The ensembles of Lenek also perform in the local area and at venues and hotels in the vicinity such as the Senggigi Beach Hotel.[2] References:Muller, Kal, and David […]

What Have I Done? Indonesia is an archipelago nation of true natural beauty where tourists are genuinely welcomed with open arms and open hearts. There is an aura about Indonesia that charms every soul. Freedom is easy to feel in these islands where the sun warms the skin, the wind tosses the hair, and the […]

Labuhan Lombok is a port town in northeastern Lombok about 75 kilometers or a 1.5 hour drive away from the island’s capital, Mataram. The town is developed around the starting point of a two-kilometer road that stretches from the market to the ferry landing at Sumbawa-Lombok.[1] North of Labuhan Lombok along the coast, you’ll find […]

Sampit Sampit is the largest timber port in the central Kalimantan province of Indonesia. The town is surrounded by swamps and rivers. Sawmills are also found everywhere, a by-product of a local economy that relies heavily on a lumber industry that processes timber for export.[1] Attractions Sampit is not the most popular destination for tourists […]

Pemenang is a village in the northwestern region of the Indonesian island of Lombok. At Pemenang, a 1-mile road winds its way to the Bangsal harbor, where ferries and boat depart for the three offshore Gili islands in northwest Lombok: Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Hired cars will take you from Pemenang to […]


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