Reflections Greenland is the world’s largest island, but much of the land consists of nothing but permanent ice and snow. Hills and rugged scenery dominate the topography of this self-governing Danish province. Perhaps the best reason to visit Greenland is the arctic wildlife you’ll get to observe and the crisp clean air your lungs will […]

The metropolis, where the preponderance of the residents, are dogs. There are around 5000 dogs as well as 4500 people living in ilulissat city. The dogs are made use at some stage in the winter interlude as sled-dogs for tourists as well as for hunting.

The village of Kapisillit is known to be one of the extremely few hunting as well as fishing destination which is positioned inland. Kapisillit is marvelously positioned at an approximate distance of 75 kilometres as of Nuuk, deep within the powerful fjord arrangement of Nuuk.

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland. It has a fantastic blend of the modern and the ancient. Nuuk has traditional, Greenlandic fashion. Colonial Harbor is famous for its ancient buildings. A short walk from here takes you to ‘the board’. Here, the fresh catch of fish, birds, and seals is sold.

The name Thule has magical properties. It gives rise to pictures of the real Greenland in the minds of many individuals. Famous explorers of the region include Knud Rasmussen, Henderson, Peary, and Malaurie. These explorers have maintained elaborate journals. The journals describe the adventures in Thule Greenland. Most of the mentioned feature can be witnessed […]


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