The Getty Villa Brentwood is a wealthy district of LA, although not at the level of Beverly Hills or Bel-Air. Geographically, Brentwood occupies the base of the Santa Monica Mountains and is bounded by Wilshire Boulevard in the south, the 405 Freeway to the east, Topanga State Park to the west, Santa Monica to the […]

girl and pup sleeping on beach Marina del Rey is an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, located south of the city of Venice.[1] Sometimes known as the Riviera of Los Angeles, the 1.3 square mile area of Marina del Rey boasts the largest concentration of fine restaurants in the county. The Marina has the […]

888 = August 8, 2008, 8-8-8, 8/8/8, 8.8.8, 08.08.08, 08082008 or 080808 – morning, Chicago Loop – H Chicago is stereotypically perceived by many as a city of hard-working, blue-collar meatpackers who worship their sports and are addicted to their all-round beef hot dogs and deep-dish pizzas; as a city of unbearable wind braced by […]

Poinsettia Alabama was made famous around the world by Skynyrd’s 1974 hit song “Sweet Home Alabama”. It was allegedly written to emphasize the lovelier side of Alabama – its blue skies and idyllic charms – given the notoriety the state had gained for its segregation laws during the Civil Rights movement. Like other southern states, […]

The Fairfax Avenue district is between Wilshire and Santa Monica and is the heart of LA’s Jewish community. You’ll find yeshivas, temples, and kosher shops and delis. There aren’t many tourist attractions in this area, but it is still a nice place to take a stroll.[1] Farmers MarketThe main attraction is the Farmers Market at […]

Better Luck THIS Time! Oregon typically evokes images of green firs and ferns that are constantly drizzled upon by damp rain. While cloudy days and wet weather do dominate, it is not always so. Encompassing over 97,000 square miles of land, Oregon is the 10th largest state in the country. A land of such sheer […]

sleepless apart Wisconsin is sometimes known as the “Cheese capital” and at other times as the “Beer capital” of the United States. There is justification for both nicknames. Wisconsin was first settled by French explorers who arrived three hundred years ago. They fell in love with the gentle lands that made for fertile farming and […]

South Central South Central Los Angeles or more officially known as South Los Angeles is not as glamorous or attractive as the Westside of LA. In fact, it has a reputation for being a notoriously dangerous region of gang violence, crime, and racial tension. It burst onto the collective minds of people worldwide in 1992 […]

Angelino Heights Angelino Heights is a small, hilly district in Los Angeles just east of Echo Park. It was actually the city’s first suburb, established after a real estate boom in the 1880s. The district was once connected to downtown by electric streetcar. Many of the elaborate Victorian era residences that were built during this […]

Country kitchen Boyle Heights is a district east of Downtown Los Angeles sandwiched between the downtown area and East Los Angeles. It is situated on the east bank of the Los Angeles River.[1] Through the 1940s, it was a predominantly Jewish and Japanese American community with a few Russian Americans and Eastern European residents mixed […]


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