I killed my boyfriend. Montana is a state that is at odds with itself; it is physically, politically, economically, and socially pulled in opposite directions. Back in 1880 when Montana was still a territory, the majority of residents lived in the west, as they still do today. When Montana was admitted into the union in […]

Olympic Autumn Sunset, Seattle, September 2007 Phinney Ridge is a neighborhood in north-central Seattle that is west of Green Lake. The neighborhood is full of small shops and businesses. The neighborhood’s main attraction is Woodland Park, which encompasses the Woodland Park Zoo.[1] This zoo has received praise for its natural, outdoor exhibits; among them, you’ll […]

crossbreed Connecticut is one of the most charming states in the country, full of beautiful hills, picturesque lakes, and old quaint villages with their signature white church steeples – all of which remind visitors of the simple life of past colonial days. But Connecticut is not all colonial villages like Litchfield Hills in the northwest, […]

reflections for the day Washington is known as the “Evergreen State” because of its green beauty and scenic splendors. Home to eight national forests, Washington sits in the northwestern corner of the United States, encompassing more than 68,000 square miles of land that features enough geographic diversity to serve as a microcosm of its country. […]

Gray house. Dutch style dual gables, Washington Park neighborhood, Seattle, Washington, USA Washington Park is a neighborhood in Seattle’s east-central region.[1] The main attraction of this neighborhood is the 175-acre Washington Park, which encompasses the Washington Park Arboretum as well as the Seattle Japanese Garden. The Washington Park Arboretum is planted with thousands of azaleas […]

Smiley Face North Dakota is one of the final frontiers of America, with more unexplored and unspoiled wilderness than any other state outside of Alaska. Known as the “Roughrider State”, North Dakota is true to its nickname; it is indeed a rough land of prairies, wheat fields, huge cattle ranches, badlands, and open ranges greeted […]

The 11 Worlds come to an end New Jersey is actually the fourth smallest state in the U.S., which you would never have guessed just by visiting it. Despite its small 8,700 square-mile frame, New Jersey is embarrassingly rich with treasures; you’ll find hundreds of miles of green parklands, farmland lined with fields of blueberries, […]

Glassy Pacific Sand Manhattan Beach is the most northern of the beach cities along South Bay. It is home to white-collar, middle class residents whose stucco houses are built near the beach along the city’s main strip, Highland Avenue. Manhattan Beach was first linked to the rest of Los Angeles by the Red Cars transit […]

Autumn in New Hampshire New Hampshire is a small but geographically diverse and scenic state. Its natural beauty is highlighted by hundreds of crystal-clear mountain lakes with Indian-sounding names like Winnipesaukee, Sunapee, and Ossipee. The rest of New Hampshire consists of covered wooden bridges, giant forests, wildwood paths, and spectacular ski resorts in the White […]

The Mittens, Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona, Down from the Visitor Center at the Navajo Tribal Park Utah is a land of true pioneers, home to a people with an independent, hardworking, and courageous spirit. Hence, the state’s official motto is “Industry” and its symbol is the beehive. Certainly, Utahns have always been diligent, whether it was […]


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