Atmosphere West Hollywood is actually a separate city from Los Angeles, located between Beverly Hills and La Brea Avenue. It was long the vice capital of LA, home to gambling, drugs, and prostitution. When it was incorporated as a city in 1984, a clean up effort was undertaken to improve West Hollywood and its debauched […]

707 Playa del Rey is a resort community in Los Angeles County that was once an important link in the old Red Car transit line that transported LA residents from downtown to the coast. During its heyday, Playa del Rey was the site of many grand hotels, restaurants, and a funicular railway. Today, it is […]

Today’s repeating pattern Pennsylvania is called the “keystone state” because of its central location among the original 13 colonies. But Pennsylvania’s "keystone" role has not been limited to mere geography. On the contrary, the state has and continues to be an economic and political pillar in the fabric of America. With topography that covers the […]

purple haze Century City is a 180-acre futuristic complex of hotels, apartments, townhouses, office buildings, theaters, cinemas, and shops occupying a former ranched owned by the Western movie star, Tom Mix. The site later became the back lot of the 20th Century Fox Studios.[1] Today, the complex is a glass-and-steel tribute to “corporate modernism”. This […]

Adult Male Phidippus mystaceus feeding on a Chrysopid – With Video! Oklahoma is defined by its rich Native American heritage and for being the home of the “Sooners” – not the OU football team, but the pioneers during the late 19th century who staked their claim to homesteads during the Oklahoma land runs. If you’ve […]

honorable john winthrop The Boston Common is the oldest public park in the U.S.[1] and remains the heart and soul of Boston. It sits across from Beacon Hill and Beacon Street. Originally, the Boston Common was just a pasture ground, much like smaller New England villages. Pillory, stocks, and gallows were erected in the 1600’s […]

Constitution Gardens Ducklings Ashore The Constitution Gardens serves as a memorial to the nation’s founders. It occupies a 50-acre site between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Because the Constitution Gardens are right next to the National Mall, it is often mistakenly understood as part of the Mall when in fact it is officially […]

Watts is a residential district in South Central LA north of the 105 freeway and east of the 110 freeway. It is on the eastern edge of the city limits of Los Angeles and is one of the neighborhoods feared most by white people in LA. The streets are filled with crime and can be […]

Foggy San Francisco San Francisco is known simply as “the city” among residents.[1] This may come across as a tad self-centered, self-absorbed, and self-important to outsiders. But then again, “the city” is the lively hub of the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area – an empire of more than 7 million people![2] Surprisingly, San Francisco is […]

Sunrise Avalon Harbor Catalina Island Catalina Island (or Santa Catalina Island) is about an hour away from San Pedro by car, 75 minutes away by ferry, and 15 minutes away by helicopter. The island has only one sizeable town and it looks a lot like a Southern California town from the 1970s. The island lies […]


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