Paris Hiltons House This is the home where the Los Angeles Police Department came and took her away to jail. This one in West Hollywood is one of many Hilton's residences. Her mother has a mansion in Bel Air.

World Outreach House of Prayer Pico-Union is located west of the Harbor Freeway and between Olympic Boulevard and the Santa Monica Freeway. It is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Los Angeles – generally considered worst than South Central LA.[1] The barrio is home to thousands of immigrants from Central America. The crime rate in […]

le Bellagio Nevada at first glance appears to be a state of vast, seemingly never-ending desert stretches, but few realize that it is also home to pockets of civilization, mountain ranges that climb 13,000 feet high, oases refuges like the turquoise Lake Tahoe, and streaming rivers and waterways in excess of 2,750 miles that course […]

Student and Teacher Fremont is a neighborhood in Seattle’s northwest and southeast of Ballard. The neighborhood once harbored a counterculture with residents who were rather rebellious. Today, it is more gentrified with more and more information technology companies setting up their offices in Fremont, including Adobe and Google.[1] Fremont is famous for the “Waiting for […]

Meeting Homer and Marge in front of the Kiwk-E-Mart Universal City is a community in Los Angeles County’s San Fernando Valley. Most of the city, about 415 acres of property, is owned by Universal Studios. The community is a major tourist destination, being home to the University Studios Hollywood theme park.[1] Attractions Universal Studios Universal […]

Gaswerk North of Downtown is Lake Union, which is the site of fireworks display during the Fourth of July and is otherwise littered with yachts and sail boats the rest of the year when the sun and weather permits. You’ll find harbor restaurants, rental boat concessions, lakeside condos and office complexes, and seaplane docks around […]

Metro Gold Line Train Chinatown is located in Downtown Los Angeles in a roughly 15 square block area bounded by Bernard and Yale Street, and Alameda and Sunset Boulevard. It is relatively small compared to the size of its counterparts in other major U.S. cities. Its collection of chinoiserie buildings and modern plazas serves as […]

LavanderГ­a Chola East Los Angeles is an area in LA two miles directly east of the city’s downtown area.[1] Once known as “Maravilla” and also as the “Belvedere Gardens”,[2] East LA has a strong Hispanic presence in both demographics and culture. This Spanish-speaking enclave is heavily populated by Mexicans who lived here even before white […]

Neal’s Grocery Mississippi embodies the Deep South as much as any other of its neighboring states, a “magnolia state” characterized by its warm and hospitable people, scenic countryside, porch swings, lush greenery, antebellum houses, and idyllic small towns. For tourists, Mississippi is probably better known for its fine Blues music, delicious shrimp and oysters, lively […]

Me New Tattoo Indianapolis is known around the world for its Indianapolis 500 race, which is the Super Bowl of motor racing. The Indy 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway covers a 500-mile distance and is the richest drag race in the world. But Indianapolis is not just serious about its motor races; the city […]


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