America, more than any other country, has developed a love affair with the open road. Nothing can remove the nostalgia we have for the classic American road trip, immortalized in countless films. Although gas prices have gone up, there are a few trips you can’t afford to miss.

America is blessed with many lakes ideal for spending a vacation. It’s estimated that the US is home to around 3 to 4 million lakes.

For many people, getting in the car for a journey, however short, is something that is done almost without thinking about and certainly without thinking about the consequences for either health or the environment. However there are many alternative ways of getting around and here we consider some of them.

Vacations are very important to break from the continuous hectic daily schedule. Even health care providers agree to the fact that having a vacation once in a while is good for maintaining normal mental balance and healthy living. Taking a break from daily business is very soothing as well as relaxing.

Part of the fun with destination weddings, is the couple gets to choose a dreamy, romantic and vacation-like location for the splendid event. Deciding on one can be daunting, as the world has hundreds of places perfect for destination weddings.

Being a new parent can be extremely terrifying as you are constantly thinking that you don’t know what you are doing and that you will eventually do something wrong.

Seattle, Washington is a beautiful place with some amazing tourist and non-tourist attractions that are sure to wow any visitors to the city, whether they’re just coming up from Portland, Oregon, across the country, or across the Pacific.

While the world is full of natural wonders but there are man-made marvels, as well. From the Egyptian pyramids to the Mayan temples, man was able to prove his imagination and engineering capabilities, since he crawled from the primordial ooze.

It’s difficult to enjoy your vacation if you spend the whole of it worrying about your home and the safety of your belongings. The best way to retain peace of mind while on holiday or off on business trip is to take precautions to ensure your home’s safety. Here are some tips on how to […]

Most people begin looking forward to a trip long before departure and consider time spent traveling among the highlights of their lives. Do not let your special holiday or business trip be ruined by thieves. Here are some tips on how to keep your valuables safe while traveling.


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