In Paris, there are so many landmarks that are worthy of viewing that it is a tough call to name just a few hotels that deliver a great view.  But, if part of the romance in your trip to Paris includes a hotel room with a view, here are a few recommendations to help realize […]

From rolling forests to surfers dream beaches, from spectacular caves to towering gorges; the Southwest’s countryside appeal makes it a terrific spot for active, adventurous travelers. Offering ample opportunities for biking, hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding, this region has it all. With so many off-road retreats, Southwest France comes with a caveat: take it […]

If you’re visiting London during July, August or September, and you enjoy live orchestral music and want a taste of a Great British tradition, then attending a Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall is essential.

Any American traveling in England needs to remember that, despite the shared language and many other bonds, the two cultures can be quite foreign to one another. And one of the times that becomes most clear is when they sit down to share food.

When our tour guide in London said “Ah yes, and to your left is Fortnum and Mason, where the queen does her grocery shopping,” I saw my foodie husband’s ears perk up and knew we’d be spending the afternoon there. Man, am I glad we did! Though this may not be somewhere you’re inclined to […]

St. Francis, born in 1181 to a wealthy silk merchant and his wife, was definitely no saint to begin with. He partied and drank with his friends and generally got into trouble. Even after being imprisoned for a year during the war between Assisi and Perugia, he returned to his extravagant ways. But then, the story […]

The Abruzzo Cibus Culinary Tour is an all-inclusive tour. Guests choose either the four- or seven-day package and stay in a fabulous hotel (once a palace) located at the very top of an Abruzzo hilltop town. The little-known Italian region of Abruzzo has a lot to offer, and much of it is revealed by Abruzzo […]


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