The United States is one of the largest countries in the world, but without question it holds some of the most diverse and picturesque landscape on the globe.  From thundering waterfalls to shimmering bays and towering peaks, America is bold.

If you’re looking for travel inspiration in America, you will find it.  Here are my pics for the 10 most inspirational places in America.


1. The Oregon Cost.  With not one but two amazing coasts to choose from, it’s hard to decide on a favorite.  My vote goes to Oregon as the entire state’s coastline is open to the public.  It’s dotted with charming towns where you can enjoy local foods, great coffee or beer, and watch the sun set on the pacific next to an open fire.

2. New York City.  New York City’s hustle and vibe give it an electric atmosphere, almost overwhelming the senses. For the most inspirational NYC travel experience, go and enjoy a sunset cruise.  It’s dreamy.

3. Yellowstone Falls.  If there is any natural wonder more picturesque, I don’t know of it.  Yellowstone Falls is incredible, an experience to be remembered.

4. A Stroll down the streets of Charleston.  The city of Charleston is one of the most historic in America, and the architecture is so well preserved, it’s hard to deny its irresistible charms.

5.  Moloka’i, Hawaii.  While Hawaii has many inspirational places (the many different colored beaches, the bubbling volcanoes come to mind),  Moloka’i  goes beyond your wildest dreams.  Stunningly beautiful.

6. Antelope Canyon.  While the Grand Canyon is certainly grand, an early afternoon tour of the narrow orange gorge known as Antelope Canyon will leave you bewildered.  Take a camera.

7. Looking at downtown Chicago from Shedd Aquarium.   Chicago has one of the world’s best skylines, and there isn’t a more impressive view than from the aquarium downtown.  Except perhaps from a boat ride on the expansive Lake Michigan.

8. Broadway, Mammoth Cave.  It seems odd to consider underground as inspirational, but the broadway “tunnel” in Mammoth Cave is so towering and spacious, you’d think it was man made.  The air is still, not damp nor dry, and clean, making it a very unique experience.

9. Lake Tahoe.  When you want to know what the color blue really means, come here.  It is so memorable.

10. Golden Gate Bridge.  Walking the Golden Gate Bridge is a great experience, not just for the ride across but the fantastic views back across the bay from the other side.  Even on a windy day, it can be a lot of fun!

Those are just some ideas for enjoying the great United States – but you can find inspirational places even in your own back yard.