Teaching English has become a booming area of employment throughout the world as the English language has been adopted as the primary method of communication in so many aspects of modern life. As everything, from business and commerce to entertainment become ever more globalised, the importance of effective communication and understanding grows and English becomes a method to cross borders and cultures. The value of English teachers and the availability of tefl jobs in Europe is constantly increasing.
Previously English teachers primarily focussed on Asia when it came to teaching abroad, often due to the difficulties and competitive nature associated with employment in Europe, but the fact remains that the European Union is one of the major players in world business and the demand for people with English skills is great. Therefore, after choosing a TEFL class you could embark on an unforgettable teaching experience.
Here are some of the top destinations for teaching in Europe:

  1. Prague

The Czech Republic is less restricted than most when it comes to working and this only adds to the attraction of Prague as a teaching destination. Prague is a beautiful city with amazing history and friendly people as well as having significantly lower living costs than other major cities in Europe. It is also ideally located for exploring other parts of Europe.

  1. Madrid

With recognised English teaching qualifications you could find many employment opportunities in Madrid; the majority of children learn English in school and there are many private teaching positions as well. As one would expect from the Spanish capital there is so much to see and do, and with the typical gorgeous Spanish weather you are certainly in for a treat.

  1. Rome

For anyone interested in History there can be no better place to be than Rome – The Eternal City. Add this to the fact that Rome is the political, economic and cultural hub of Italy and such a romantic, intriguing and entertaining city – Rome becomes the perfect place to teach.

  1. Paris

This is a city which needs no introduction, the most visited city in the world is obviously an amazing place to live and teach. Whilst securing a job may be sometimes more difficult than other European destinations, it is certainly worth persevering with; the perceptions of fine art, wine and food all live up to expectations, as does the overall romance of the city with doting couples always in sight. You can really live the high life here sipping on a glass of red in a traditional Parisian café watching the world go by.

  1. Istanbul

Although it is not Turkey’s capital city it is certainly the city of culture and entertainment, a city of two continents. The strong influences from Europe and Asia make Istanbul a unique place and a hive of activity. The city retains so much from an intriguing history while also moving forward and incorporating the high-tech aspects of modern society. With such a large population there are numerous teaching opportunities that offer competitive salaries and this trend looks set to continue; a strong sign of Istanbul’s continued development. Certification, and in some cases teaching experience, is essential.

For anyone that has a taste for adventure, history and culture, art, meeting such varied people, the best food and drink, then Europe is the perfect destination. With such extensive transport you can explore so much during your time in continental Europe and with such dramatic differences across cities and countries you are in for a real treat.