This is a city which is located in Chihuahua.  It is an awesome idea to visit these places mostly because, this region related to many nearby locations. The pre-Columbian ruins of Paquime are located at the small village of Mata Ortiz. This is the actual home of Juan Quezada, who is the most honored potter in Mexico is just part of the history of Mexican pottery.

Mexican pottery reached the apogee of its existence in the fourteenth and the fifteenth century. These played a key role in trade and culture. These are the contacts which lie in between the Pueblo culture of the Unite states and the northern part of Mexico. This also happens to be the most advances civilizations of Meso America.  The remains of the extensive part of this place have been excavated and these happen to be clear evidence of the enriched culture and traditions which adapted quite perfectly to the economic and physical environment that was present here.  Later on this all was non existent during the Spanish conquest. When you come here, there is a huge museum which would be more than explanatory about how this place gets visitors from many places, oriented and familiar with the story of what happened here in Mata Ortiz.

Mata Ortiz happens to be a busy milling town for lumber in the eighteen hundreds. This place is quite awesome and has become quite poor and quiescent after the Mexican revolution.  Once this is done, it is just a matter of time, while you re awaken the  history and activity which is the result of the amazing skill and handiwork of Juan Quezada with amazing Mexican pottery.  When Juan was young, he was fascinated by the delicacy of painting pots. He found that in a cave in Mata Ortiz, there were rugged hills which were not that far from his own village.  He tried once and then he kept trying until he got better and felt like he could contribute and he did contribute to what his forefathers has first and he did all of this by using local material without doing anything to encumber  the potters wheel.

Later on, it was no one other then the famous MacCallum Spencer, who was an American anthropologist which came across three of the unsigned pots that had somehow made its way to some swap shops in Mata Ortiz, New Mexico.  After he took a lot of effort to trace their origin, he met the person who had created the pots. After this he also set out to make his art known to the entire world.  And after about thirty years, Quezada is now known all over the world.