Valet In Echo Park

Echo Park is a district of Los Angeles along Glendale Boulevard about a mile north of Westlake. The district is centered around Echo Park, which features an idyllic lake that is surrounded by palm trees and lotuses, in the middle of which is a little island that can be reached by a footbridge. There are vendors along the lake renting paddleboats. The north side of the lake features the Angelus Temple used for religious services.[1]

The district was a hippie enclave in the 1960s and 70s and still attracts a more artsy crowd – yuppies, musicians, artists, entertainment industry workers, etc. The businesses in the district are very music, fashion, and entertainment-oriented.[2]

The main attraction of Echo Park is the various festivals held around the lake every year, including the Cuban festival honoring Cuban poet and patriot, José Martí, and the annual Lotus Festival with its Chinese dragon boat races and concert performances.[3]

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