Boycott Rockstar

Barstow is located half way between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. With a population around 25,000 – 30,000 residents, it's best described as a small city that caters to the transients from I-15 and I-40 traffic. There are a number of motels and 2 star hotels; and tons of fast food chain restaurants, including one of the busiest McDonald's restaurant in the country (if not the world). One particular characteristic about this McDonald's is that the restaurant tables are located in actual train carts.

Most of the residents work in military bases (Fort Irwin and Marine Corps Logistics Base) as military personnels or contractors, education, and local businesses. Barstow was most recently in the news as it is the home of Miss California 2007. Calico Ghost Town is the nearest attraction about 10 minutes away. Barstow is also the home of Del Taco!