With us you experience the peaceful region of the romanian Carpathians with wonderful mountains, forests, meadows, shepherds and original villages, where life has still another rythm . Find a new dimension of your personal passion, while exploring an unknown country.

Close to the Borgo Pass, where Bram Stokers Dracula legend takes place, the region is still quiet and mostly unspoilt by tourism. We take you for a time travel through the rural society, the sound structures of which have hardly changed during the recent generations. 

The horse, traditional locomotion, and the rural community play an important role also in times of change. Many families live together with several generations on a farm and produce their daily hard bread from the fertile soil.

Experience the colours and variety of the goods of a genuine rural market, the structure and choice of which differs from those you know in Western Europe. See how the displayed vegetables and fruit correspond to the season. And above all smell the difference of the local and biologically produced food compared to the Gene-Food known in the West.


Paragliding or hang-gliding in Romania

Romania is known for many things, but it is less known, that there is not only Dracula, good wine and the coast of the black sea, but also a rich past concerning aviation and by the way very much german history as well as many paragliding pilots and a lot of starting points waiting for you.

In Romania time is not as expensive as it is in the rest of Europe. When the pilots meet, this often is an occasion for a get-together and for parties through the night. As a holiday destination Romania offers you much untouched nature and first of all a natural hospitality, which you should experience. 

If we have attracted your attention, you should accept our offer for a paragliding safari in the romanian Carpathians tracing Bram Stokers Dracula.

Experience, how the continental weather often brings sunny and warm periods with only seldom rain showers for many weeks. For a long time you will remember many beautiful flying hours through the unique panorama of an unspoilt nature. 

Many starting points with up to 2400 metres above sea level are available within a radius of 50 km from here. Many a mountain has only been used by storks or birds of prey and is waiting for your discovery.

The discovery of travelling in time

Time travel in Transsylvania

Open all your senses for the experience of an old European cultural landscape – with fields and villages, which have not yet been usurped by the industrial revolution and reduced to the standard look.

Here you find real biological agriculture, real freely roaming poultry and farmers, who in fact produce their daily bread with their own hands and with horses power from the fertile soil – without machines.

We claim that exactly this in many places visible absence of western achievements, which are often wrongly described as civilisation, does open our eyes for the essential things of life: the family, the daily bread, warmth and security. For instance you will not find one farmer, who complains about his work or even his hard working life.

West Europeans would describe this living as underdevelopped, primitive or even as poverty. But is the absence of asphalt streets, shopping malls and buying opportunities really a lack of quality of life?

You will experience something, that you will not even find in the most remote areas of the European alps anymore: the absence of any sounds raised by manmade machines.

We will take you through our region, which passes from the agricultural lowlands to the pre-alpine foothills, in order to find the climax of human loneliness and therewith the meditation in nature in the high Carpathians alps over 2000 metres above sea level.

No aircraft noise, not even of high flying jets, no highways, no expressways and no big industrial facilities generating noise for 24 hours a day and troubling the experience of nature. From time to time you will maybe hear a railway. But the only traces of transport will be those of horsebuggies or herds of sheep.

The most vivid picture you will take home with you, will be that of the shepherd spending the whole summer together with his flock in nature and the nights outside. This contrast will assure you that man can be pleased with little, regardless how often we are tried to be persuaded that only this and that purchasable product will make us satisfied. These things are not even rudimentary able to keep up with this nature untouched.

Population density in Romania is 4 times lower than in central Europe. Allow yourself the experience of silence and slowness which maybe your grandparents or great-grandparents still know. Rediscover the lost values of the slow-going times. Show your children the alternative to shopping and organised leisure activities lived in the past. Take something with you that you cannot buy: absolute relaxation, assuredness of the really essential values – and the deep satisfaction of knowing that less often will result in more.