Facts About Weekend Break to Amsterdam

What do you know about Europe? This continent is raved about by Americans daily. Apparently every American female wants to visit Paris or France. I always found this amusing, because they probably haven’t even seen the USA yet. I tell you, it’s the media molding their thoughts and desires. It’s pretty ridiculous. Oh, and then there are the other parts of Europe that every guy wants to see. How does a weekend break to Amsterdam sound? Yeah, men get stoked over this. It’s the thought of legalized drugs and prostitution that soars through their minds. Again, we’ve all been warped by the media.

I’ve still not seen Europe. Not that I don’t want to. I just haven’t made the trip yet. I have to admit, I’m a tad wary after the 911 thing. Sure, I realize it was 6 years ago. I would just hate to get stuck in a foreign land if something were to go down. Anyway, I seriously doubt this hinders the casual weekend break to Amsterdam for most. Americans are dead set on this area in particular, because it’s what the media hypes up lately. Take the film “Eurotrip for example. This is a teenage comedy and four high school graduates that head to Europe for the summer. The biggest deal is when they hit Amsterdam. Suddenly they think there are no rules involved.

Amsterdam weekend break

On the contrary, things don’t quite go as planned. However, the film does make all occurrences into jokes. Then there is that other recent film entitled “Hostel.” Although this one did not include a weekend break to Amsterdam that I recall, it was in Europe somewhere. Possibly near Slovakia. This one had an extremely foul theme that you’d think would discourage Americans from running to Europe for a little vacation fun. Maybe that Venice, Berlin, or weekend break to Amsterdam is not so savory after all.

The cool thing now days is that it’s so simple to hop on an international flight and head off to anywhere you please. Need a weekend break to Amsterdam? Sure! Want to try Tokyo for a few days? It’s not an issue. We have travel options galore. One thing I will say is this; if you decide to visit a foreign land, be certain that your passport is up-to-par, always carry it with you, and do a little recon work concerning your destination before getting on that plane.