Traveling into Coolangatta should be a breeze because you can juat fly right in, but exploring the city once you’re there could be a bit of a challenge. The best way to see the sites and enjoy yourself is to rent a car from the airport and drive down into the city center and set off on foot.

Because Coolangatta is right on the ocean, you will be able to browse a beach community that is simple in its design and beautifully appointed. There are so many sites to see that you have to get started right away.

The lighthouse at Point Danger is enough for a full day’s journey. Not only is it a beautiful site, but you’re right on the ocean. You could look through the lighthouse and it’s buildings and then set out for a picnic near the water’s edge. You already get a nice sea breeze throughout town, but being right on the water next to a beautiful lighthouse is just perfect for vacationing.

You can mass the border marker that shows were the Twin Towns are divided, and you can even see the anchor from the Coolangatta schooner shipwreck that happened over 150 years ago. This historic site is one of the many places

You can head into town and watch the Tweed Heads or one of the many other sports teams that call the city their home base. You can shop at the fine local establishments that have been keeping rhe town ticking for years, or you can wait til evening and hit the first pub you find. Every one of them is friendly and this beach community comes out at night to mingle amongst itself and its visitors.

Coming to visit Coolangatta, or Cooly as it affectionately known, is so easy. Rent a car from the airport, drive in, and see all that our fabulous town has to offer. You can vacation on the beach with us for a week, take a day trip and enjoy the sites, or you can move to our beautiful community where everyone is always welcomed like they’re part of the family.