If you are traveling to another country such as in the Netherlands, it is an important gesture to be polite and quite observant about the different customs, etiquettes and culture of the country. Each country has its own sets of etiquettes, customs and traditions, which are widely observed all the time and Netherlands is not an exception. Since Netherlands is from Europe then it is very easy to travel in this country even when you are from other European countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, etc. and when you are from Spain and you want to go to Netherlands, you can just simply get a car hire in Spain to help you reach your destination by land.

Roaming around is an excellent opportunity for everyone to have a glimpse, to learn and to take part in the different traditions, culture, customs and etiquettes observed in the country. Take note that the people in Netherlands are known to be quite formal and etiquette is not really a big issue to them. For you to learn more about the customs, culture, tradition and etiquettes in the country, the following are some of these that you need to know and consider and you can consider these with the help of a car hire service.

General Characteristics of the Dutch People

The society of Dutch is known to be modern or egalitarian. Moreover, people in this country are known to be modest, independent, tolerant, entrepreneurial and self-reliant. Dutch people also give high regards to education, ambition, hard work, and ability. Cultural experts also say that the people in Netherlands are known to be outspoken and would speak directly to anyone even when he is a stranger. This is a way by which they show trust and honesty.

It is not common to see Dutch people in proactive or loud behaviors in crowds or in public places because this is an act these people do not appreciate. Generally, Dutch people do shake the hand of a person upon meeting and one is only allowed to begin a conversation right after he has introduced himself. Bidding farewell or greeting a close friend is also a popular custom in the country as well as kissing the cheeks three times and in alternate fashion. Punctuality is also given high importance by the people in this country.