Facts About Train Trips

As a child, I often dreamed of going somewhere on a train. Pretty much anywhere really; as long as I got to ride that cool locomotive. What is it about children and trains? We always adore them when we’re young. Unfortunately, I think the classic appeal of train trips has gone out the window. As time passes, the notion of a comfy train vacation with a private car seems to fade. Most train specials I see now days are for Amtrak, and appear to be more like a Greyhound bus ride than anything else. When I think of a train trip, I get visions of “North by Northwest,” and the fine passenger car Cary Grant hid-out in with a lovely lady. Now that’s how a train ride should be. But, can anyone afford the private cars?

Do a quick search for train trips on the web and you’ll get plenty of specials shoved in your face. Train companies are offering the public, vacation deals. You can spend around 1000 dollars and receive an eight day trip to all sorts of fun locations. These getaway deals typically include the train ride, your lodging, and some of your meals. Not too shabby, but maybe not as classy as you expect either. The first time I decided to take a traintrip was about five years ago. I traveled on Amtrak from Oregon to Iowa. This was a train┬áride quite different from what I assumed.

 My Train Trip

To be completely frank, it was nothing special. I had always wanted to make this trip by train, as opposed to the routine commercial flights I was used to. Well, all I have to say now is NEVER again. Naturally the train ride was longer than I would have spent on an airplane. Furthermore, it was too crowded to enjoy. I thought it was pathetic to see how filthy the train windows were as well. There’s no doubt that some great scenery is a plus to traintrips, but who can see through nasty, clouded windows? If you can’t tell, I won’t be taking anymore Amtrak train trips.

You may have to save for a while if you want the dream. I imagine the ideal train trip is one where you have your own personal room/car to lounge in with your loved one. This would make a world of difference in my opinion. Sadly it’s not so easy to come by these days. So the next time you’re considering a train trip, be sure to investigate the process fully before forking out the dough.