Santa Cruz La Laguna is a hillside village along the northern shores of Lake Atitlán. The village is only three miles east of Panajachel and a great escape from Panajachel’s tourist crowds.

Santa Cruz La Laguna is a very charming village, characterized by its signature square adobe houses built interestingly on hilly slopes. And with its higher grounds, the town has some of the more beautiful views of Lake Atitlán and its three volcanoes, Volcán San Pedro, Volcán Tolimán, and Volcán Atitlán.

Santa Cruz La Laguna is also great for scuba diving. The lakefront of this village offers some of the best underwater dive spots in all of Lake Atitlán. There are a number of hiking trails in the hills around the village as well, including a four-hour path that traverses scenic views and bluffs overlooking the lake. The trail passes through several tiny villages and ends at San Marcos La Laguna.

One of the highlights of Santa Cruz La Laguna is a squat adobe church in the village’s main plaza. The church has some impressive carved wooden saints inside.