Lago de AtitlГЎn – San Marcos La Laguna

San Marcos La Laguna is a tiny village in the northwestern shores of Lake Atitlán that caters mostly to tourists. The village is resided by Cakchiquel indigenous people with a few westerners who have made it their permanent home. San Marcos La Laguna can be reached by boat from the other northern towns of Lake Atitlán like Jaibalito, Santa Cruz La Laguna, and Panajachel. From the dock, a narrow cobblestone path leads to the village center. Alternatively, many travelers backpack through a trail from Mexico to Honduras that passes through the village.

San Marcos La Laguna’s main attraction is the Pyramid Center (or Meditation Centre Las Pirámides), which attracts meditators and alternative therapy seekers. The Pyramid Center is a complex of two meditation temples, pyramid-shaped cabins, a medicinal herb garden, a sauna, and a private dock with a vegetarian restaurant. Courses in yoga, meditation techniques, alternative medicines, alternative therapies, tarot reading, numerology, and spiritual subjects are taught generally in one-month programs. Treatments such as Swedish massages, shaluha-ka healing treatments, and guided-regression sessions are offered. You can also pay for tarot readings, psychological readings, and “Del-Ka” sessions if you believe in them.

The village also offers the attraction of Lake Atitlán. You can take a canoe or kayak out into the middle of the lake and enjoy a scenic sunset or just bask in the beauty of the beautiful volcanoes in the backdrop. The Volcán San Pedro, in particular, is very close to the village. The village also offers great swim spots and small-scale fishing. Hikes and treks along the trodden paths through the vegetations are always fun as well.

Infrastructure and Amenities
The restaurants and accommodations in San Marcos La Laguna are of decent quality. There are a few bungalow style cabins and inns that are charming in their rustic state. If you take a hike on the village’s winding paths, you’ll find a few small hotels and eateries tucked away in the lush tropical vegetations. Some of the smaller bungalow inns do not have electricity, so bringing a flashlight is recommended.