When you come to San Jose Del Cabo, you will see that this place offers you a lot of tranquility and old world charm. There are lots of gift shops that showcase the art of Mexico. There are many fabulous restaurants, golf, surfing and a lot of night time entertainment that you have been looking for.  The most famous is the ‘destiny’ which is here in Mexico and is fun to visit while on a  San Jose Del Cabo vacation!

When you reach San Jose, Del Cabo, you will find that it is located in the Suites La Palmas hotel which is about twenty minutes away from the international airport from Los Cabos. There are lots of things that you can do here in San Lucas on your San Jose Del Cabo vacation. There are many tourists who want to enjoy the San Jose Del Cabo, and if this is the case then you definitely want to be at the suites Las Palmas.  This place has an awesome design and there is a Mexican style in many vivid colors.

The environment here is quite agreeable and this would bring you quite close to the present stay that you would have because  of the awesome personalized service that you would be provided with on your. The place has wireless internet in the lobby. In fact if you look into the plaza, you will be able to find a large variety of utilities and services like the drugstore, the A.T.M, a bank, a postal company, a Photoshop, a copy center, a plotting center, the Cabena Casita Restaurant. A little further down is a coffee store, a beauty salon, magazines and news papers and a lot more.

When you go to the Cabo san Lucas, you will find that this place has quite a diverse community and this is what is responsible for brining in the younger crowd there are many night clubs here, along with bars, fishing tours and restaurants You could either indulge in all of these or you could also go and have some relaxing fun on the many lovely beaches here.  The colony is quite historic and Santos is a one hour drive to the northern part of this place. You could also see this from the very picturesque Pacific Ocean.

The Galleans from Spain first visited San Jose Estero, which is at the mouth of the Rio San Jose. This has been done to get fresh water near the Lengthy voyages when you are going from the Philippines to the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  The coasts were constantly raided by pirate along the coast, the path between Cabo San Lucas and La pas was quite unsafe.