Besides the mountains at backdrop, Saltillo features many amazing attractions to explore. Saltillo is the capital city of Coahuila. It could be found in the northeastern Mexican state. The city lies at a distance of 400 kilometres towards the south of US state of Texas, and 90 kilometres towards west of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon. The city has more than 633,667 of populations and is rising frequently. The city also has a nickname as The Athens of Mexico. The city has an elevation of 1,600 metres, making it cooler and windier as compared to its nearby city, which is Monterrey.

Saltillo cathedral
It is a great tourist destination, as it offers lovely climate and excellent structures. The city enjoys arid climate and lies in the Chihuahuan Desert. Still, the temperature remains cooler according to other desertic cities in Mexico. Summer seasons remain little hot with cool nights and winter season could be experienced sunny but cool. Apart from this, rainfall occurs very rare. Founded in the year 1577 by Spanish colonists, this city is a home to some famous people of the Mexican history like Gnral. Ignacio Zaragoza, Dr. Francisco I. Madero, and Venustiano Carranza – the father of Mexican constitution.

The city is well-know for its beautiful buildings and remarkable museums, which is of worldwide quality. Some of the famous museums in Saltillo are Museo de las Aves de Mexico, which is Mexican Museum of Birds; and the Museo del Desierto, which is recognized as Desert Museum. Besides this, some of the interesting sites and attractions where a tourist will get fascinated are Alameda Zaragoza, which is the largest park in Saltillo and has an artificial lake with shape like of Mexican Republic. The park could be found at the downtown plaza. The other is the Colonial Center, which is built in pink marble and boasts the architectural flavour of the city.

Museo de las Aves de Alameda Zaragoza

Some of the prominent buildings worth visiting are the cathedral, the Palacio de Gobierno, the Ateneo Fuente, and the Instituto Tecnologico de Saltillo. To explore the colonial religious architecture in northeastern Mexico, the large cathedral will be a best option. The façade of this cathedral is primarily made up of Spanish Baroque. Visit the Casa Purcell, which a Victorian style mansion and is built by an Irish merchant William Purcell during 19th century. This mansion is now became a cultural center. The top world-class museums which was mentioned earlier are the best museums in Saltillo.

Palacio de Gobierno
Overall, you can say the city is dotted with plenty of historical monuments and structures. Therefore, those who love to explore history can visit the city of Saltillo and enjoy them. The city is entirely surrounded by the rich and natural resources, breathtaking scenic beauties, forests, deserts, and mountains, making Saltillo an ideal travel destination, especially for eco-travelers. The city also features some leisure activities like theater plays, movies, professional sports events, and skiing and snowboarding. In fact, Saltillo is the only place in the entire Mexico where you can enjoy winter sports.

Saltillo climbingWinter sports are open all year round on a modern artificial slope. Therefore, whenever you want to come to this heavenly beautiful location, do not miss this golden opportunity. The city boasts some artificial slopes where you can enjoy rappelling, climbing, bike riding, and hiking. The downtown Saltillo will make you discover impressive colonial buildings, which are over centuries old. So if you don’t get time to explore every corner of the city then at least visit the downtown and grab some charming moments. If you are a nature lover then the Parras de la Fuente is one of the best sites for you in Saltillo. This area offers picturesque views of Magic Town. The Sierra de Arteage offers magnificent scenery of snowcapped peaks and lush forests.

Those who are fanatics of discovering fossils of Dinosaurs should visit the Rincon Colorado, which is also known as The Valley of Dinosaurs. Here you will get rich compilation of fossil remains from Cretaceous Period that is 70 million years ago. This is the first site where the first complete dinosaur has been found in Mexico. This site has a museum, a paleontological collection, and lies at a distance of 30 minutes away from the city of Saltello. The fossils of Hadrosaurus and Tyrannosaurus were also found at this site. Getting to this city is very easy as it has a good network and frequency of buses and taxis. saltillo restaurants

You will get a variety of cuisines in Saltillo where most of the regional dishes feature juicy steaks, tender veal, baby goat or lamb. There are various restaurants located in Saltillo and hotels as well where you can stay. You can easily make accommodation at any place in Saltillo ranging from cheaper to luxurious. So just visit this astonishing city in Mexico and make your holidays an unforgettable experience. Remember before you reach to this city from abroad, check out the visa requirements, as some nationals need visa to enter the provinces of Mexico. Otherwise, tourist visa and a valid passport is needed.