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Located on the northwestern corner of Africa, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Europe and Africa, Morocco has been a land of cultural bridge and infusion for thousands of years. Since the ancient times, Morocco has been occupied by the Phoenicians, Romans and the Byzantines, respectively.

This is where the Jewish, Berber, Arab, and Christian cultures lived together, contributing to the formation of what Morocco is today. Many consider Morocco as a land of tolerance or shared beauty. The results of fusion and interbreeding of the different cultures have left its mark particularly in the imperial cities like Marrakech, Fez, Meknès, and Rabat.

Interestingly enough, Morocco also has diverse natural regions. The northern coastal plains are fertile especially along the coast of the Mediterranean coast varying in elevations with tall mountains and low lands between the mountains. The southern and eastern regions of Morocco merge into the Sahara Desert. Morocco also has the most extensive river system in northern Africa with water channels making route from the Atlantic Ocean towards the Sahara. With the highest elevation of Morocco nearing 14,000 feet in elevation to the sea levels of the coastal regions, while covering fertile to desert sands, Morocco encompasses a diverse landscape as the different religions and cultures that dwell in the country.