Libros del Lago

Jaibalito is a small village in the northern shores of Lake Atitlán. It is a short walk from Santa Cruz La Laguna and a 10-minute boat trip from Panajachel. Jaibalito is known as the most unspoiled, serene, and isolated of the small pueblos of Lake Atitlán.

Jaibalito is popular among tourists who want to enjoy the water sports and activities of a lakeside village without the big crowds. Aside from the lakefront, Jaibalito offers a glimpse of a traditional indigenous Maya village, but that is about all.

The village has a few lodges and restaurants. One of them, Casa del Mundo, is built on top of a cliff that overlooks the lake. The other lodge, the Vulcano Lodge, is famous for its gardens and coffee plantation. Its gardens are filled with tropical plants and banana groves, perched by exotic birds.