Australia has an allure that attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year. The Great Barrier Reef and impeccable beaches, unique wildlife from koalas to kangaroos, beautiful scenery and a culture steeped in history make Australia a billion-dollar tourist industry that is a destination for millions every year.

Australia is the world’s smallest continent, while at the same time it is the world’s largest inhabited island. And yes, Australia is a country, too.

The Australian Office of Immigration and Citizenship has specific rules for tourists to be able to travel “Down Under.” Some of the regulations are complex, and often change. With a number of different visas available, tourists should rely on the expertise of an immigration lawyer to help make sure the proper documentation is procured.

Once in Australia, tourists can extend their stay, but to remain longer, you must get another visa.

This is where it is best to turn to an immigration lawyer because if your visa request is rejected you must leave before the original visa expires.

And there are myriad pitfalls that could ruin your dream vacation.

Failing to fill out forms properly and not completing the correct paperwork in a timely fashion can spell disaster. And once you decide to try to extend your stay, not understanding what you need to disclose can endanger those plans.

Trusting an immigration lawyer is a wise investment of time and money. You have worked hard, made sacrifices and saved for your dream vacation. You even practice speaking the dialect. G’day mate. Cheers mate.

And now you have the opportunity to extend and live out your dream. See the opera in Sydney. Visit the Australian War Memorial in the nation’s capital of Canberra. Surf off the coast of Mandurah.

But if you are not savvy enough to know how to apply for that visa extension, you could be heading for the airport and a dejected and crest-fallen trip back home.

If your visa application fails, you might be able to appeal. But those appeals are costly.

With a small investment in time and money, you can live your dream vacation with the peace of mind that you can remain in one of the world’s most desired vacation spots.