Latvia is rich in its historic-cultural heritage. Because of its multicultural mix, the country’s tourism industry stands out because of the variety and uniqueness it offers. There are countless things you can do in Riga, which is why it’s important to note down the most popular activities in case you have limited time during your trip.

Visual Arts
There are numerous museums and art galleries in the city centre as well as the Old Town of Riga. Some of the museums that you absolutely must visit during your trip include Latvian People’s Front Museum, Latvian Photography Museum and Museum of Riga’s History and Navigation. You might also be interested in seeing the famous Mentzendorff’s House, which is a fascinating historical house that was once owned by a wealthy merchant from Riga. Also keep RigasGalerijia in your list, since its considered to be the most prestigious cultural exhibition site in Riga.

Leisurely Strolls
Kalnciema Street is a popular venue for themed markets and music events every Thursday and Saturday. If you go any other day of the week, you can enjoy a nice meal sitting outside and visit the wooden buildings in Pardaugava and Kipsala, which offers absolutely breath-taking panoramic sights of the entire city.

Participatory Festivals
Every four years, the famous Latvian Song and Dance Festival attracts thousands of locals as well as tourists to participate in one of the largest amateur choral events in the world. The festival exhibits folk art, photography, concerts and a parade. There is usually a great emphasis on classic choir songs and cappella singing. The last Song and Dance Celebration was attended by approximately 80,000 participants.

If you are planning to visit Riga in the summers, you might be able to make it to the Latvian open air Museum in the first week of June when the best craftsmen from around Latvia sell their wares at the annual crafts market.

The best thing about these festivals is that you don’t just get to watch, you can actually get actively involved and experience the Latvian culture first-hand through its ancient crafts, traditions and vibrant celebrations. It is highly encouraged to get travel insurance for a holiday in Latvia.

Medieval Festivals
A number of medieval festivals are held each year, all of which stand out for their distinct events. One of the most popular festivals is Wendene 1378, where visitors can suit up in medieval armours and learn how to cut a stone sphere for using with catapult. It also includes war games, archery competitions and medieval battles.
Latvia honours its ancient traditions very highly, which is why they are celebrated with such fervour. The above-mentioned events are not the only place where you can immerse in Latvian culture and history. If you stay somewhere in the rural area, you might have to give into Latvian hospitality since the locals would love to invite you to participate in all sorts of creative activities. Folklore and multicultural traditions of Latvia can be very exciting and almost everyone can find something interesting to do around here.