If you are a student or you have a big family to travel with but still want to travel abroad, Turkey could be one of the best options to pick.

To be honest, Turkey once has been a cheaper country and since it become a very popular touristic destination recently, it also become more expensive than before but compared to many other popular countries, it still remains affordable but of course if you ar looking for a personalized tour itinerary for the country, it may still cost you a fortune depending on the service you are requesting.

But if you choose package tours instead of taking customized itineraries, it is possible to find many cheap tours Turkey. Most package tours have a guarantee departure on several spesific days of the week or even a month and as a result of this they have many participants which makes the tour cost less for the travel agency. If the cost of the tour is little for the tour operator it directly goes to the customer and you can get better prices for high quality service.

Let me tell you that Turkey in general is one of the best countries when it comes to service sector. If you book a four star hotel in Athens and a four star hotel in Istanbul, you will definitely see what I mean.


And also I travelled a lot but have never seen such fast waitresses in the restaurants as there are in Turkish restaurants. You do not have to wait for ages for your meal to come.

Anyway, if you are planning to travel to Turkey some day, I strongly recommend you to check out the itinerary at http://hotels.planethikes.com/Place/Turkey.htm which find many hotels in Turkey.

The same itinerary is being organized by many travel agencies but I have good feedback for the agency of which I gave a link to their itineraries.