The historic inhabitants of the city of Prague in Czech Republic developed some of the best architectural and structural buildings that continue to amaze the world. Not only were they geniuses of design, but these craftsmen built a wealth ofgreat castles, cemeteries and cathedrals, most of which are still standing in Prague today! Visiting the city of Prague in Czech Republic is a dream-come-true to many Europe tourists, and because there’s so much to see and do, the Czech capital really is a top vacation destination. If you’re thinking of visiting Prague in the near future, let’s take a look at some of the top attractions for the alternative traveller in the city.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is perhaps the most visited architectural wonder in the city of Prague. The Guinness Book of Records lists this castle as the largest in the world, and it is rich in history that stretches back to the 9th century, with the ancient Bohemian Crown Jewels believed to have been kept in a hidden room inside the castle. The grounds and interior areas are open to tourists with the several museums located inside, attracting millions of visitors each year. Additionally, spectacular pictures of Prague Castle dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries can be found at the National Gallery of Bohemian Collections.

Old Town Square

This historic square, located in the Old town quarter of the beautiful city of Prague, is a great attraction for tourists coming here for the festive season. The Old Town Square hosts the iconic Christmas markets during in the run up to the New Year, and the famous Astronomical clock can also be viewed from this historical square. The Jan Hus Memorial Statue, that was erected in 1915, is also another highlight of this part of Prague, so be sure to charge your camera before you leave your hotel!

Saint Nicholas Church, Lesser Town

Built between 1704 and 1755, Saint Nicholas Church, located in Lesser Town, is one of the most impressive examples of Prague baroque architecture. The fantastic decorations in this church, the great sculptures and wonderful decorations provide enthralling scenery for sightseeing, and there’s no doubt that this great architectural building is one of the must-see attractions in the Czech Republic. As you can imagine it’s quite a festive place to be around Christmas, and if you’re looking for a last minute Christmas vacation then try by millions of Catholics every year, Saint Nicholas Church can get very busy, so be sure to book at tour to get the most out of your visit.

The Jewish Quarter

Considered as the smallest cadastral area of Prague, the Jewish Quarter is a settlement dating as far as the 10th century, when the first Jewish settlers arrived in the Czech capital. The ancient Jewish Quarter was concentrated within a walled ghetto that was demolished between 1893 and 1913, and only six synagogues, an old Jewish cemetery and the old Jewish town hall remain of the quarter. These historical sites, surrounded by magnificent buildings, form the perfect tourist destination for sightseeing.