Horseback Riding Vacation are Fun! Though I was never terribly interested in riding a horse when I was younger, I gave it a go it a go a few times. I had a very good friend who loves horses, and she was involved with many clubs and charities that involved horses. Since then, she has […]

Have you tried a Fiji Vacation yet? Some tropical islands sound too good to be true and Fiji, which is actually made up of over 300 islands, falls into that category. Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, the islands offer a haven, away from the bustling world outside. A Fiji vacation can be used to […]

Try a Disney Cruise Vacation with the family! I am still amazed of the power of the imagination of one man and what those ideas became in the real world. Never underestimate the power of the mind. Walt Disney was once quoted as a man with no imagination…can you imagine?

Planning Disney Vacations? I hadn’t talked about Disney vacations for many years.It’s strange how a site like Disney World – a place that had once been so magical to me – could be completely unimportant to me now. I would not have even considered Disney trip if my daughter hadn’t mention it.

Looking About Discount Holidays? We all like to save money and the word “discount” is sure a nice attention grabber. My dear parents were what you might call a bit special. I am not saying that they were bad parents, but they were often a little bit arbitrary and excentric with some of the choices that […]

What You Should Know About Discount Cruises We all like to get discounts when we go buy things don’t we? After all who doesn’t like to save money. But you have to be careful about discounts because if the value of what you are buying or getting is way less than expected and your experience is less […]

Considering Discount Airline Travel? Every year a lot of people will take their vacation in exotic places. Some like to reach their destination by train if ever possible, some prefer a cruise by ship and some by air. But all these people have one point in common. They won’t mind to save money.

Importance of Discount Air Tickets We all love a good discount. It could be on small items or going to a restaurant or whatever. I love to travel so my discounts are more important when I go on vacations. One of the best things about having a friend who works in the airline industry is […]

Can You Really Save With Cheap Package Holidays? I found out lately that they were many types of cheap package holidays. For many years, we would scrimp and save to go on vacation. We would calculate every last aspects – the cheapest way to get there, the cheapest place to stay, the cheapest way to […]

Learn About Cheap International Flights Thinking about traveling overseas? It makes a lot of sense to find cheap international flights. These are not always easy to find, but when someone can plan their vacation very early, and can then search for airfare earlier, they stand a better chance of finding what they are looking for […]


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